He Says: You Need More Sex to Have Less Sex — 2 Comments

  1. I also want to add that affection goes a loonnnng way to helping a woman want to have sex more often. I don’t know how affectionate he is with his wife, and I’m not sure what’s so “boring” about her, but if it’s that she doesn’t put out enough for him, I can honestly say from experience, and as a person who cheated myself, one of the things women need is affection (kisses, hugs, general touching, or even a good ass smack); it makes us feel wanted and in turn, makes us want to give you more.

    • Good point. Thanks for your observation. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs. That’s why if you are serious making making it work you’ve gotta talk about this stuff. It’s so true. If he isn’t showing her the attention she needs then what incentive does she have to be something other than boring.

      If a man wants a woman to crank him up then he needs to crank her up. When you want good sex there is no such thing as too much escalation.

      I highly recommend a good ass smack for a woman.

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