She Says: Time to Re-evaluate — 2 Comments

  1. The problem I have with all of this is that she told him it
    was ok. She lied to him.

    Bisexuality is something that is extremely hard to come into, I am Bisexual myself,
    when all of society is telling you that you have to choose straight or gay and
    that Bisexuality is “not real” or “being greedy”. It’s hard. You figure you
    like boys or girls the way straight people do so you must be straight, those
    other feelings are just weird, maybe everyone feels that way. But since you like the opposite sex you
    figure you must be straight.

    But those feelings for the same sex do not go away, and it might take longer
    but they will reveal themselves to you ad then you can no longer pretend they
    are not there.

    I feel for your husband, I really do, I did not come into my
    own bisexuality until I was already with my (now) husband for 3 years. Your husband
    came to you looking for acceptance and you lied to him. One of the hardest
    parts about becoming bisexual so late in the game is that you have never had
    those experiences to “know” for a fact if you are or not. Its human nature to
    want to experience things we feel. I wanted to. My boyfriend (at the time) and I
    talked about if for a long time, he is now my husband and the topic still comes
    up. He told me it was ok to “experiment” with girls and while I really want to I
    never did because it would feel too much like cheating and I am not that type
    of girl. Do I still want to do those things? Oh yes! I very much do! Will I? Probably
    not. But it is the fact that my husband and I have an open and honest dialog
    with each other and how we feel. And that is most important.

    If he cheats on you it is because you told him it was ok! The number one thing in a relationship is
    honesty and when he was being open and honest with you and you lied to him. I don’t
    see how that is fair. Tell him how you really feel, get into some sort of counseling
    as Robyn said.

    Lying is NEVER the answer.

    • Exactly true. Lying never works. And it works much less when you get caught lying. Thanks for your comment and telling our readers about your experience.

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