She Says: Make Them Make It Up To You — 2 Comments

  1. I respectfully disagree. The solution is not to run away from the neighbors – they didn’t do anything wrong. Living in a “hoity” building isn’t wrong, and neither is expecting your things to remain where you put them. Moving to a new apartment seems a bit extreme – and cowardly. If the situation had taken place in a neighborhood and the friends had stolen someone’s lawn ornaments, would it have been any different? Regardless of the seasonal appropriateness of the ornaments, stealing is stealing. When you invite your friends into your building, you are in a way responsible for ensuring that they are going to behave themselves. They didn’t. Never mind the un-friending for a moment, the first step is to apologize to the neighbors, assure them steps will be taken to ensure it never happens again, and present them with some sort of offering – gift certificate, etc. (don’t wait for your friends to buy one – they can reimburse you later). If the friends still have the wreaths, get them back and return them, hopefully in pristine condition. As for the friendship, that’s a personal judgement call based on whether you still like and trust them, but I certainly wouldn’t be inviting them back to any future parties.

  2. Damn Robyn. That was a bit of a bitch slap. You are crowding into my territory. *ha* But you are so right to point out they are not responsible for other people. They are responsible for their choice of friends.

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