You Graduated College With A Worthless Degree. Now What? — 2 Comments

  1. College: cost rises exponentially as value declines exponentially. Even “real” majors like engineering and pre-med are watered down with excessive requirements of “the arts and humanities”. Trade school graduates hit the workforce 4 years sooner (or 6, or 8…) – no debt, unlimited potential. The education bubble is bursting, thank GOD for that. the money machine that is Big College, has been exposed.

  2. Whoever wrote this is an entitled brat. I hate to break the news to you-but not everyone who graduates from college has the option to just live with their parents. In fact, many of us didn’t even have any financial help from our parents and had to take out loans to finance our educations. But I guess the less fortunate multitude living outside of the privileged bubble of the author simply do not exist.

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