A Guide For Men To Proper Parenting


Happy Monday.  Robyn blew herself up in a 4th of July accident and can’t post today.  Just kidding.  About the blowing up part that is.  She really can’t post today.  And since I don’t have any thing fresh ready to go you are going to get a post from one of my other sites. Here is some wisdom for the boys from my site on parenting, You Are Definitely Doing It Wrong.  Enjoy.   So boys. You wanna be a … Continue reading →

Worthless Degree Awareness Month – Why Old People Want You To Go To College.


Worthless Degree Awareness Month is almost over. How’s the job hunt going for you fresh college graduates? Pulling in that six figure income yet? I’ll get an update from you next time you ask me if I’d like desert or if I’m ready for the check. I know some people who have college degrees have great jobs. Yes they do. What you may not know is that some people without college degrees also have great jobs. Some people without college … Continue reading →

A Tale of Taste of Fort Collins


Fort Collins is getting too big for it’s britches. In other words, we are bursting at the seams. As in, too many people live here. I love that we make the top cities to live in the US all the time, but fuck, we are growing faster than the weed in the local dispensary. It is getting so that even our beloved festivals are becoming, well, a shit show. I always breathe a sigh of relief when the CSU students … Continue reading →

You Graduated College With A Worthless Degree. Now What?

occupy worthless degree

For many of you out there it’s too late. My warning two weeks ago to avoid worthless degrees was something you needed to hear four years ago. Or six. Or eight. Or twelve. And $80,000 of debt ago. But you didn’t get that advice when you needed it. Your parents failed you. The old people around you failed you. The colleges and professors at those colleges lied to you. They made $80,000 from lying to you. A profitable venture is … Continue reading →

Are You Really That Stupid?


I recently came across an article that had real questions from Yahoo Answers that were, for lack of a better term, just plain stupid.  I find it really hard to believe that they are serious questions that people ask.  I got to reading the article and realized that these people are serious. I want to give the world the benefit of the doubt, but it is impossible when I come across something like this.  People are dumb.  I thought that … Continue reading →

Happy Graduation. June Is National Worthless Degree Awareness Month

school loans

We begin with these words from the founder of National Worthless Degree Awareness Month, Mr. Aaron Clarey. Just last month all over the nation and right here in Fort Collins children graduated high school and are about to embark upon the path to fucking up their futures. If you really care about the children it’s not too late to help them. Order a copy of Worthless by Aaron Clarey for every high school student and fresh graduate you know right … Continue reading →