From: Bicycle Riders. To: Idiots. Subject: Stop Being Stupid.

JOE BRYKSA/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Local- (see Gabriel's story)- Critical Mass ride wore this message on her back while waiting for ride to start in Central Park. Aprx 200 riders took place in the protest ride- Aug 25, 2006

Fort Collins is a “bicycle friendly city” and apparently that means Fort Collins is full of idiots who can’t cope with the fact that bicycles exist. One of the greatest lines of bullshit I have to listen to is that bicycles are cars and should obey the same laws that cars obey. Were that true bicycles would not be in the bicycle lane. They would be in the car lane. The fact that you morons are too stupid to tell … Continue reading →

Holding An Event? Put Some Planning Into It.

fashion show no show

If you have ever read any of my writing you know how I operate. I rip people’s heads off, shit down their necks, then shove their decapitated heads up their asses. Today I break from traditions and offer up sincere opportunities for improvement without the bad words and insults. Just don’t expect this to happen very often in the future. I don’t attend many events because I find events are usually poorly planned and orchestrated. They are uninteresting at best … Continue reading →

YikYak Wisdom for July 2015


Social media sucks ass. Ya know why? Because everyone uses it for advertising. Social media has nothing to do with being social, meeting interesting people and then doing things with them away from a computer or cell phone. For some of you I may need to explain what “away from a cell phone” means. You can leave your cell phone at home and go outside. Believe it or not you can exist without a cell phone in your hand. Enter … Continue reading →

Hating On The Land Whales


It’s one of the things people do in Fort Collins. Like getting stoned every day. Like walking away without picking up your dog’s shit. Bitching about the land whales is part of the culture. For those of you new to town “land whales” are trains. The city of Fort Collins has another survey on the internet. When the city puts a survey on the internet this is a sign that they have already decided to pass a law or spend … Continue reading →

A Guide For Men To Proper Parenting


Happy Monday.  Robyn blew herself up in a 4th of July accident and can’t post today.  Just kidding.  About the blowing up part that is.  She really can’t post today.  And since I don’t have any thing fresh ready to go you are going to get a post from one of my other sites. Here is some wisdom for the boys from my site on parenting, You Are Definitely Doing It Wrong.  Enjoy.   So boys. You wanna be a … Continue reading →

Worthless Degree Awareness Month – Why Old People Want You To Go To College.


Worthless Degree Awareness Month is almost over. How’s the job hunt going for you fresh college graduates? Pulling in that six figure income yet? I’ll get an update from you next time you ask me if I’d like desert or if I’m ready for the check. I know some people who have college degrees have great jobs. Yes they do. What you may not know is that some people without college degrees also have great jobs. Some people without college … Continue reading →

You Graduated College With A Worthless Degree. Now What?

occupy worthless degree

For many of you out there it’s too late. My warning two weeks ago to avoid worthless degrees was something you needed to hear four years ago. Or six. Or eight. Or twelve. And $80,000 of debt ago. But you didn’t get that advice when you needed it. Your parents failed you. The old people around you failed you. The colleges and professors at those colleges lied to you. They made $80,000 from lying to you. A profitable venture is … Continue reading →

Happy Graduation. June Is National Worthless Degree Awareness Month

school loans

We begin with these words from the founder of National Worthless Degree Awareness Month, Mr. Aaron Clarey. Just last month all over the nation and right here in Fort Collins children graduated high school and are about to embark upon the path to fucking up their futures. If you really care about the children it’s not too late to help them. Order a copy of Worthless by Aaron Clarey for every high school student and fresh graduate you know right … Continue reading →

What Happened To All Those Opinions?


Greetings y’all.  You might be (or might not be) wondering what the heck happened to Robyn and Skippy.  That was a sudden decline. Yea.  It was kinda. Here is some facts. Blogging is not only a stupid word it’s also hard work.  I laugh so hard I almost piss myself every time some idiots says “I’m going to quite my job and blog for money.”  No.  You are going to quit your job and live on food stamps and welfare.  … Continue reading →

He Says: Yup. Men.

She's A Princess.

Damn them all. Robyn is right that co-habitation is difficult. Sure it’s got advantages. Many of them. Showering is way more better when you have someone to “wash your back” for you. And cooking is more fun when you’ve got someone to help eat the results. On the down side there are twice as many dishes to wash. There is always that balance to the universe. I think even married people should have their own individual bedrooms. Podcaster and radio … Continue reading →