He Says: Love Is More Than Words

Dear Receiving too Little; Are you asking for too much? No. Is he not putting in the effort? Maybe. It might be a lack of effort or it might be a lack of understanding. Let’s start with the theory that it’s a lack of understanding. This way I get to use some NLP jargon. A word or warning. NLP (Neuro-Linguist Programming for those who haven’t drunk the kool-aid) is about 60% bullshit and 40% good shit. Take the good stuff, … Continue reading →

He Says: It’s A No Boner. I Mean “No Brainer.”

Dear Flirty McFlirtPants; When you flirt with a normal man he will assume one of two things. 1. You want to screw him. 2. You want him to buy you a drink because you’ve confused him with an ATM. Actions do have unintended consequences. While your friends may interpret your flirting as what you mean it to be people who don’t know you as well may interpret it differently. It’s not wise to not assume your actions and motivations are … Continue reading →

Unsolicited Advice: He Says Float On!

Dear Sustainable Living Association; Ya know what I love about Fort Collins? There are certain things you can count on. 1. Drunken Fratboy Fest several times a year. 2. Dog shit on the sidewalk. 3. People in cars turning right at the intersection almost running over you as you cross the street with the walk sign. 4. Begging. Pretty much every day of my life someone is begging for money. Logging onto Facebook is like tuning in to a PBS … Continue reading →

Reader Confessions: I Lied To A Priest

Dear Robyn and Skippy, here’s my story; When I was about 7, I walked down the street to the church in North Conway, New Hampshire on a Saturday afternoon to do the weekly confession. That was so I could get that flavorless, white wafer the next day. There I am, in the confessional, with the priest on the other side and the semi-opaque screen between us. He asks me to tell him my sins since my last confession, which was … Continue reading →

He Says: Rising Water Cuts New Paths

Dear Up a Creek Without a Booth; Your frustration is understandable. Putting all that time, money and planning into an event and then having the whole thing fall out from under you is a terrible experience emotionally and financially. You geared up, set your expectations and then had it snatched away from you by the weather. Floods in Fort Collins. Who knew? Bad Earth! Bad planet! Stop that! Let’s start with the legal stuff. As you let us know after … Continue reading →

Question of the Week: Rising Waters Sunk My Booth

Dear Robyn and Skippy; I’m feeling very frustrated. As you know, the Sustainable Living Fair was cancelled. I finally received the FIRST email from them today [Saturday] at noon telling me the fair is cancelled (we were supposed to set up on Friday). I understand the loss of this event is devastating for their organization. I GET that. I understand people are devastated from personal loss due to the flood. However, I’m a teeny little organization who paid $440 for … Continue reading →

He Says: It’s A “Must Have” Conversation

Dear Gay Boy With A Problem; Ah yes, the friend who longs for more. And in this case the compatibility problems run twice as deep. First thing I’d say to you is be careful of coming to conclusions about other people’s motivations. I don’t doubt you when you say she is overly attached, but are you sure about the part where you claim she wants to have a relationship with you? And by relationship I’m assuming (which is always a … Continue reading →

He Says: To Hit or Not To Hit?

Dear Chris Cross; Actually you don’t have to ask a question. I can just riff off anything you give me. But I suppose a question does help and it fits the format of the blog. The answers are “no” and “yes” and “make that jello-shot a double”. I’m in the camp that says an ex (or an X as I like to think of them) is an ex for a reason. Such as being possessed by Satan. Oh sure some … Continue reading →

He Says: Stop Rewarding Bad Behaviour

You can’t fix other people. You can try talking to her. You’ve joked about it but try talking about this with Cass in a serious and heartfelt way. Make a list of specific incidents with notes on how you felt about them. Here is how you approach it. “Your lateness to the theatre this specific time made me feel X, Y and Z.” Be specific about her behaviour without generalizing such as “you are always late.” Focus on how specific … Continue reading →

He Says: Seek The Middle Path

Dear Still Socially Awkward; I think there are two distinct things going on here. First is the question of balancing “me time” with other people time. Second is the question of following through on commitments. The Value of Me Time: Time with yourself is part of the path to Enlightenment. I know people who will confess they don’t like being alone. And I understand. I wouldn’t want to be alone with those people either. They are yucky excuses for humans. … Continue reading →