Robyn’s Rant: Dogs, Disabilities and Deplorable Neighbors

This week I bring you something a little different: Sometimes Skippy and I go through dry spells here at Ask Us where the people of Fort Collins just aren’t writing in. Then sometimes we get a lot of people writing in, but not really writing anything worth publishing. Sometimes we have good questions, sometime we don’t, and sometimes we come up with things like Robyn’s Rant just to make sure we have content. This is different. This man reached out … Continue reading →

He Says: Dropping The Nuclear No

Dear Not Buying What She’s Selling; When you wrote that she was selling a well-known product out of her home the first product that came to my mind was sex. The second product that came to my mind was sex toys. I think we know where my mind is. And of course the more times I can get the word sex in this blog post that’s the better for SEO purposes. This person is your friend but sometimes in life … Continue reading →

He Says: What Are They Going To Do? Fire You?

Dear Work For The Jerk Or Not; The easiest and the smartest answer is no. You should not go back to work for the jerk. You said yourself that you don’t need the money. Thus money is not your deciding factor. What should be your deciding factors? 1. How much time with this job take? Is there something better that you could be doing with that time? Could you be doing something better with that time that will make money? … Continue reading →

She Says: Don’t Get Jerked Around

Dear Work For The Jerk Or Not, It’s true what they say, money does make the world go ’round. I always start answering a question by asking questions to get your brain working on your problem. My questions for you: Do you have to work with the jerk directly? Is the money good enough for it to be worth it? How do you know he won’t jerk you around and simply not pay you? You don’t, do you? So you … Continue reading →

Question Of The Week: To Work or Not To Work

Dear Robyn and Skippy; Here’s the rundown. Four years ago I needed work and was doing many different part time jobs. One of them was doing something I really like, very part time, making decent money. Then that company cut my pay by $2 an hour and after another year simply stopped calling me to work. They stopped calling mostly because of changes in their full time staffing. My contact at the company moved on. Now they have contacted me … Continue reading →

He Says: Is This The Best Use Of Your Time?

Dear Running Out Of Time; As you have noticed the person who told you things would slow down after you got out of college lied to you. Don’t believe the crazy people. How do you fit it all in? The unfortunate truth is you don’t. You can be or do anything you desire. You can’t be or do everything you desire. There’s a critical difference between the two. Cliché alert. Before you start climbing the ladder you have to make … Continue reading →

She Says: Time to Make Time

Dear Running out of Time, How do you fit all of your life into your life? You don’t. You have a full time job, a girlfriend, you are trying to start your own business, family, friends, dogs, me time, etc, etc. There is no time for the time you need to have time for the things that are demanding your time. I am right there with you. I have so much going on in my life and there are those … Continue reading →

He Says: Guide To Surviving 2014 And Beyond

If your goal is to survive 2014 then you’ve already failed. For the rest of your life. You should be aspiring to something more than survival. Bacteria survive. People should flourish. Unless you are content to remain a bacteria here are some ideas for you to consider and adapt. 1. Don’t make new year’s resolutions. They don’t work. The entire concept of new year’s resolutions has so much baggage attached to it that you are expected to fail. Therefore when … Continue reading →

He Says: There Are Three Ways to Leave Your Boss

Today’s kitty photo features Thumper sent in by Wanda. Dear There Must Be 50 Ways To Give My Notice; Breaking up is hard to do. Any time someone is planning to leave a job there are three options. Giving an excessive amount of notice. Giving two weeks notice. Giving notice as your ass is moving out the door. I have done all three as an employee. I’ve had all three done to me as a hiring authority. The Resignation Letter … Continue reading →

She Says: Don’t Burn Any Bridges

Dear There Must Be 50 Ways to Give My Notice, First of all, did I read this correctly? Your friends are tired of listening to you complain about your work drama? What? I hope they helped in encouraging you to leave your job rather than just telling you to stop talking about it with them. Or, did you drop the subject with them and just do something about it? Friends are some of the best forms of therapy and I … Continue reading →