Robyn Rants: Men

Men. Can’t live with em… Can’t kill ’em… I mean… live without ’em. I think that one of natures cruelest jokes is that we are put on this Earth to not only procreate with the opposite sex, but co-habitate with them as well. I mean, how can one species be so different from one another? OK so we don’t have to co-habitate with one another. I used to think that my life would be a lot easier if I were … Continue reading →

This Week: Robyn Takes Over

Happy Monday! Robyn here.  OK, so I won’t take over completely, Skippy still gets to put in his two cents on Friday.  This week I am going to bring you a rant about men.  That’s right, Skip bitches about women as often as he can and, now, it is my turn to bitch about men.  Ladies, you wont want to miss it, and fellas, you might learn something. It will be coming at ya on Wednesday! Stay tuned!     … Continue reading →

Robyn’s Rant: Dogs, Disabilities and Deplorable Neighbors

This week I bring you something a little different: Sometimes Skippy and I go through dry spells here at Ask Us where the people of Fort Collins just aren’t writing in. Then sometimes we get a lot of people writing in, but not really writing anything worth publishing. Sometimes we have good questions, sometime we don’t, and sometimes we come up with things like Robyn’s Rant just to make sure we have content. This is different. This man reached out … Continue reading →

This Week: Robyn Rants About Some Stuff

Hello and Happy Monday! Robyn here.  Actually, I had a kind of shitty Monday but ended it well with happy hour and my best friend.  How was your Monday? This week I will be bringing you another installment of Robyn’s Rant.  What is it about?  You will just have to tune in Wednesday to find out.  And, as per usual, Skippy will have his response to my rant on Friday. Don’t miss it!         … Continue reading →

Robyn’s Rant: Fifty Shades of Effed Up

I saw the movie. I did.  I sat through all 125 minutes of it, too.  I surprised myself by not leaving, but I was determined.  I have to admit that I still don’t quite get the appeal.  It was poorly written, had terrible dialogue, and had much less sex appeal than a decent porno.  I will say this though: To everyone who thinks it is about rape, you’ve got it all wrong.  There was nothing in that movie that wasn’t … Continue reading →

Robyn’s Rant This Week on Ask Us

Hello and Happy Monday! If you tuned in last week to read my She Says, you will know that I am taking on Fifty Shades of Grey this week from a more informed perspective.  That’s right, I have been gathering opinion and I will be going to see the movie this very afternoon. I am sure I will have plenty to rant about. Meanwhile, you can write in anonymously to Ask Us if you want to share your opinion with … Continue reading →