What Happened To All Those Opinions?

Greetings y’all.  You might be (or might not be) wondering what the heck happened to Robyn and Skippy.  That was a sudden decline. Yea.  It was kinda. Here is some facts. Blogging is not only a stupid word it’s also hard work.  I laugh so hard I almost piss myself every time some idiots says “I’m going to quite my job and blog for money.”  No.  You are going to quit your job and live on food stamps and welfare.  … Continue reading →

This Week: Robyn Takes Over

Happy Monday! Robyn here.  OK, so I won’t take over completely, Skippy still gets to put in his two cents on Friday.  This week I am going to bring you a rant about men.  That’s right, Skip bitches about women as often as he can and, now, it is my turn to bitch about men.  Ladies, you wont want to miss it, and fellas, you might learn something. It will be coming at ya on Wednesday! Stay tuned!     … Continue reading →

Easter Is In The Rearview Mirror.

Here we are on the rebound from a delicious Easter weekend of great weather.  I hope you got some of it and didn’t have to stay indoors all weekend.  Like I did.  Grrr…. Anyhows, on Wednesday I’ll be slinging some Lessons Learned The Hard Way at you.  Yet again another chance for you to learn from the mistakes of others.  Don’t never say no one told you. On Friday Robyn and I will be offering up our 75 cents on … Continue reading →

This Week: Robyn Rants About Some Stuff

Hello and Happy Monday! Robyn here.  Actually, I had a kind of shitty Monday but ended it well with happy hour and my best friend.  How was your Monday? This week I will be bringing you another installment of Robyn’s Rant.  What is it about?  You will just have to tune in Wednesday to find out.  And, as per usual, Skippy will have his response to my rant on Friday. Don’t miss it!         … Continue reading →

This Week: Unsolicited Advice, St. Patty’s Style

It’s Monday again… and St Patrick’s day is just a few short hours away. This week Robyn and Skippy are bringing you some Unsolicited Advice for your St. Patrick’s day shenanigans. Check back Wednesday for Skippy’s post and Friday for Robyn’s. That is all.   … Continue reading →

This Week on Ask Us Fort Collins

Hi y’all.  Welcome to a warmish Monday as we go through our winter heat wave.  Looks like more cold and snow might be on the way though.  Know what else is on the way? On Wednesday you’ll get a story of Lessons Learned The Hard Way. On Friday . . . almost anything could happen so make sure you are wearing clean underwear like your mother told you to. We’ll see you then. … Continue reading →

This Weed on Ask Us: More Shit Skippy Says

I mean week.  Not weed.  Never. No weed here in Fort Collins. Normally this week you’d be reading Robyn’s Rant however she’s busy doing research on things to rant about.  I’m sure you’ll get to hear all about it.  Thus we iz bringin’ you another round of Shit Skippy Says for your entertainment and emotional rage. Look for that on Wednesday.  Robyn’s response will appear on Friday. Until then you can send us your love, your anger, naked selfies and … Continue reading →

This Week On Ask Us – Unsolicited Advice For . . . You

Welcome to Monday y’all. I hope everyone got a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air yesterday as it was sexy delicious outside. Now you are back in your cubical. Damn that sucks. But it’s never too late to change. This week Robyn and I will be bringing you another round of Unsolicited Advice. For who you ask? Or for whom you might ask. I know one of those is correct but gots no idea which one. It’s Unsolicited Advice … Continue reading →

New Year, New Stuff!

Happy New Year Ask Us Fans! Hey all, it’s Robyn coming at ya with new stuff! This week Skippy and I have a brand spanking new section we are calling Learning Things The Hard Way. We will be writing once a month about a situation where a lesson was learned (hopefully) from an unpleasant experience. Check back on Wednesday to learn more about this new addition to our blog content! Not only that, but Friday we will be bringing you … Continue reading →

Monday At Ask Us Fort Collins

We are all still recovering from Christmas around these parts.  The fur was flying fast and furious.  Robyn and Skippy both had our holiday challenges and it looks like we made it through.  Probably we could have both used some advice on dealing with our challenges.  And some advice on where to hid the bodies. You might be in need of some advice as well.  If so don’t forget that you can email us anonymously to ask for advice on … Continue reading →