Greetings y’all.  You might be (or might not be) wondering what the heck happened to Robyn and Skippy.  That was a sudden decline.

Yea.  It was kinda.

Here is some facts.

Blogging is not only a stupid word it’s also hard work.  I laugh so hard I almost piss myself every time some idiots says “I’m going to quite my job and blog for money.”  No.  You are going to quit your job and live on food stamps and welfare.  Very few people make a living blogging and you aren’t going to be one of them.

But I digress.  Let’s talk about smart people.

Robyn and I have been doing this since August of 2013.  We need some time off.  That’s why you aren’t going to see any fresh content here at Ask Us.

We are intending to return to writing however.  Different site.  Different format.  Still opinionated.  Still answering questions you may have.

We don’t have a definitive timeline right now because our brains hurt and our lives are both mad busy right this moment.

Until then you’ve got some options.

All the posts here at Ask Us aren’t going away.  Cruise through our past writings and see if you find anything useful to you.

If you need more grumpy old man attitude in your life get your ass over to Twitter Roach to read more of Skippy’s bitching and listen to his podcast.

If in need of advice Consult An Asshole is there to help you out until Robyn and Skippy are once again taking submissions.

Meanwhile you can bookmark the site that will become our new home.  He Said She Said Fort Collins.

Until then y’all have fun and do good things.  We’ll see ya down the road.



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