Damn them all.

She’s A Princess.

Robyn is right that co-habitation is difficult. Sure it’s got advantages. Many of them. Showering is way more better when you have someone to “wash your back” for you. And cooking is more fun when you’ve got someone to help eat the results. On the down side there are twice as many dishes to wash. There is always that balance to the universe.

I think even married people should have their own individual bedrooms. Podcaster and radio host Michael W. Dean and his wife D.J. have separate bedrooms and it works well for them.

Anyhowz – I’ll get on with responding to Robyn’s observations about men.

Men complain that women are “too complicated.”.

I would agree there is something wrong with those men. They are not understanding what’s really going on. Women are not complicated. Women are chaotic.

Women would like to think they are logic driven and consistent. Men would like to think this as well. Men can deal with logic driven, consistent, A results in B type systems.

Women don’t work that way. Women are emotion driven and completely internally inconsistent. This is why women can say they care about the environment while at the same time doing more environmental destruction than any other animal on Earth.

Woman’s inability to be logical and consistent isn’t a bad thing. Or an evil thing. Or a wrong thing. It’s simply how they are. Men who do not understand this and adapt to it are screwed. Having a negative attitude towards women for them being chaotic is like having a negative attitude towards fire for being hot. If you burn yourself it’s because you put your hand in the flame. Not because the flame is broken.

Men live in a perpetual state of “little boy”.

You can think feminism for this one. It has nothing to do with video games.

Feminism has escalated to the point where talking to women is harassment and looking at them for too long is rape. Men are going to check out under those conditions.

Men have no idea how to respond to all of this. Men know that women expect men to make the first move. And the second. And the third. Yet men also don’t know which women are feminists and will scream harassment if spoken to. Or looked at.

Normal women (they do exist) will argue that “not all women are like that” and I agree. The problem from the male perspective is that we don’t know just by looking at women which ones are normal and which ones are feminists.

I suggest wearing buttons that say “I am not a feminist”.

Additionally men think feminists are present in greater numbers than they really are. Feminist are working hard via the media (both main stream and social) to spread their hatred and desire for everyone to be unhappy. Normal women are enjoying life. Doing fun things with their friends. Essential not being hate motivated overly jealous attention whores. Since men only see the feminists on the TV, the interwebz, the Twittervers, the TED talks, the college campuses it’s natural to conclude that normal women are few and far between.

Knowing that having sex with a girl can lead to her getting pregnant and taking everything you have in form of child support or that marrying a girl can lead to her getting a divorce and taking everything you have isn’t exactly going to encourage men to buy a ticket to ride the woman train.

So you’ve got all these men who think most women want to fuck them over (not fuck them) and think women are complicated how will these men respond?

By living as a perpetual “little boy” as Robyn says. Or to put it another way, men will respond by not doing what women want them to do.

Comic books and video games make sense. They are predictable. They are rewarding.

I can tell you that dating girls is seldom rewarding. I don’t even mean sex. I mean just finding a girl who can put down the cell phone and form sentences is a challenge. Most of the women I’ve dated over the last years have been so dumb I wouldn’t let them suck my cock for fear my IQ would go down and I’d get a disease.

Men look around them and see fat, tattooed, pierced, short haired, foul mouthed, debt ridden, makeup covered, cell phone addicted, pot smoking, instagram selfie posting attention whore (or actual “pay me for money” whore) women. Who have liberal arts degrees in feminist studies. And are single mothers. Those men then chose to play video games and read comics instead of dating, fucking and marrying those women. Yes. Because men are not as stupid as you think they are.

Men have a “grass is always greener complex”.


Men think women want “porn sex”.

Melissa King.

This girl had a crown on her head. She was treated like a princess. She let a man fuck her in a hotel room for $1500 while another man filmed it. Now she is an instagram whore.

You do the math.

Speaking of math you many have noticed my post was late. Deal with it. ‘Cause things is changing. Robyn and I are shutting down house here at Ask Us and moving on to something completely different. A man with three buttocks.

Or not.

But we are moving on. Watch this space for information about our future and some repeats of our favourite posts from the past. In about six weeks we will return to the interwebz like a phoenix from the flames.

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