He Says: Yup. Men.

Damn them all. Robyn is right that co-habitation is difficult. Sure it’s got advantages. Many of them. Showering is way more better when you have someone to “wash your back” for you. And cooking is more fun when you’ve got someone to help eat the results. On the down side there are twice as many dishes to wash. There is always that balance to the universe. I think even married people should have their own individual bedrooms. Podcaster and radio … Continue reading →

Robyn Rants: Men

Men. Can’t live with em… Can’t kill ’em… I mean… live without ’em. I think that one of natures cruelest jokes is that we are put on this Earth to not only procreate with the opposite sex, but co-habitate with them as well. I mean, how can one species be so different from one another? OK so we don’t have to co-habitate with one another. I used to think that my life would be a lot easier if I were … Continue reading →

Unsolicited Advice: She Says, Party Like You’re Irish

St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!! I know, I know, by the time you read this, it will have already passed. And it was on a Tuesday this year which is not good for those of us who like to get our whiskey on. Unless you don’t have a job. And if you don’t, what are you doing spending your money on alcohol? Stop it. Get a job. This year has been a good one for me so far. Two of my dear … Continue reading →

Things Fort Collins Needs To Get Over

Life is short. You need to focus your attention on things that are truly important. That means you need to let go of things that don’t matter. It means you need to move on. It means you need to put on your big girl panties. You need to let go of some anger and free up some emotional space in your life. You need to have a nice big steaming hot cup of shut the fuck up. Aren’t you happy … Continue reading →

Robyn and Skippy Say: How to Survive the Winter Months in Fort Collins

Howdy Ask Us Fans! Welcome to another installment of banter from Robyn and Skippy! This week, our advice on how to survive the winter here in Fort Collins, and, well, all of Colorado. Enjoy! 1. Don’t Expect a Snow Day. Robyn Says: It takes a blizzard to shut down our dear town, and even then we seem to still have to go to work or school.  When we do have a snow day, it is a miracle. Skippy Says: The … Continue reading →

Robyn Responds to Skippy: No Smoking? No Joking!

Skippy had a lot of shit to say this week! Which is good, because I don’t have much shit to say in response. I agree and disagree with my counterpart. In case you didn’t click on the link he posted as to what is going in here in our lovely city: there is a debate on furthering the smoking ban here in Fort Collins. The Gist: Smoking will be banned in in the expanded downtown area including Old Town Square … Continue reading →

Unsolicited Advice: You Can Make Your Life Better

I know you think it’s only other people who need Unsolicited Advice but it’s not. It’s you as well. Not only do you need Unsolicited Advice, you need lots of it. Let’s get started. 1. Stop being flaky. Stop wasting other people’s time. Do what you say you are going to do. Do it when you said you would. Do it how you said you would. Do it to the best of your ability. When you tell another person you … Continue reading →

Unsolicited Advice She Says: You Know Who You Are

Hello Dear Readers! Skippy and I decided to give a little bit of general advice this week. Some Unsolicited Advice for the general populace. I see it as an opportunity to share with you what really makes my blood boil. We all have to co exist on this planet so, lets try and make it as pleasant as possible for each other. Warning: I may offend some of you and I will be using language of the bad variety. I … Continue reading →

Ten Reasons You Should Be Asking For Advice From Robyn And Skippy.

Don’t be shy.  Write in to us.  We don’t bite.  Unless you’re into that kind thang.  And if you need a spanking we can help with that as well. 1. Our advice is free of personal bias. We don’t know you and whatever problem you are facing we don’t have a dog in that fight. Skippy: You will never get unbiased advice from people who know you. It’s just a fact. They either want you to succeed or fail and … Continue reading →

Learning Things The Hard Way: The Price of Fame

It is your resident She Says adviser, Robyn here. Welcome to our new segment! That’s right! We are calling it Learning Things The Hard Way. Skippy and I are going to take stories from the media (local and otherwise), as well as your submissions of lessons learned in life. So, what is the perfect topic to introduce you to our new content? Why, the fuss over Idina Menzel’s New Year’s eve flub, that’s what! Didja miss it? Are you living … Continue reading →