Dear Robyn and Skippy;

Here’s the rundown.

Four years ago I needed work and was doing many different part time jobs. One of them was doing something I really like, very part time, making decent money.

Then that company cut my pay by $2 an hour and after another year simply stopped calling me to work. They stopped calling mostly because of changes in their full time staffing. My contact at the company moved on.

Now they have contacted me and want me to come back, still very part time.

About this company. The people there are mostly good but the owner is scum. He pays his contract employees late and there are people in town that he still owes money for work they did. He always paid me but I know he will cheat people if he can.

I don’t need the money. But I’d be happy to have the money. I enjoy the work and the people.

What do you think? Should I go back or not?

Work For The Jerk Or Not?

Check in on Wednesday for Robyn’s response.  On Friday for Skippy’s response.

What do you think?  Is it worth it to work for the jerk or not?


Question Of The Week: To Work or Not To Work — 3 Comments

  1. NO…Not unless you like seeing other people being abused by this jerk.

  2. I want the writer of this question to go back and read it again, because it practically screams the answer…NO!!!!!!! …unless of course you are some kind of masochist…then go for it.


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