Dear Work For The Jerk Or Not,

It’s true what they say, money does make the world go ’round. I always start answering a question by asking questions to get your brain working on your problem. My questions for you: Do you have to work with the jerk directly? Is the money good enough for it to be worth it? How do you know he won’t jerk you around and simply not pay you? You don’t, do you? So you either take the risk or you don’t. I say don’t.

First of all, you know this guy has issues forking over the dough. How does he get away with that? He pays his contracted employees but he refuses to pay anyone else? Is it because it’s not in writing that he has to? SOMEONE NEEDS TO REPORT HIM. What he is doing is highly illegal. How long has this been going on? Obviously at least a couple of years.

You have to ask yourself if you are valuable enough to this guy and his company to not get cheated out of a pay check. You are taking a huge risk by going back to work here with the uncertainty of whether or not you will get paid for your time – time that you could spend elsewhere earning a REAL paycheck. You say you don’t need the money but you would be happy to have the money. We are all happy to have money but how do you know you will actually get the money? I guarantee that you wont be happy if the scum-bag owner doesn’t pay out.

You also say that you like doing that job and working with the “good” people who work there. Are you sure those people are still there? There could have been a complete over haul. I know I would get the hell out of there if there was even a whisper about not getting paid. People are smart and wont put up with that shit. I am sure that there will be a whole different staff that you will have to work with who may also be scum.

You have two choices: You work for the jerk or you don’t.

Here are the pros and cons if you go back to work for the jerk:


  • You will be wasting valuable time that you could be using to do something constructive.
  • You may not like the people who work there now.
  • You may not get paid OR get paid late.
  • You will be stressed out about the fact that you might not get paid.
  • You will get so stressed out you will probably decide to drink.
  • You will be drinking so much that you will spend a lot of money on liquor.
  • You may not get a pay check for the work you do for the jerk.
  • You won’t have a way to pay for the alcohol you have already consumed.
  • You will, therefore, have trouble paying your rent.
  • You will then wind up homeless.


  • You will be doing something you like doing.
  • You will be building on your resume. You may actually get paid.
  • You will have extra pocket money for drinking.
  • You may meet some new and interesting people.
  • You may meet someone so interesting you want to have sex with this person.
  • You may get laid.
  • You may get laid more than once.
  • You may even get laid for the rest of the year.
  • You may get more job opportunities from this job.

It all comes down to how badly you want to get laid…er….paid.

You need to make your own pros and cons list. Think in the long term when you make your list. Make sure you wont have to pass up a better opportunity due to the fact that your time will be taken up by a scummy employer. For me, the stress wouldn’t be worth it to take the job. If you are OK on money then I think that you should stay the hell away from this guy and his business. You would be avoiding what could be a bad situation. As someone who has been jerked around by an employer before, I cannot encourage you to take this job. I have no respect for anyone who lies, cheats and steals from his employees. This man IS selfish and scum and I think you shouldn’t be a part of anything that has to do with him.

If you do take the job make sure you have enough room in your bank account should it come down to C.Y.A. or covering your ass. Sure as hell he wont do it for you. If you do take the job and don’t get paid, you only have yourself to blame. You know better then to put yourself in that situation. But, who knows, you may actually get paid, laid, and enjoy a tasty beverage or two in the process.

What do you think about Robyn’s advice? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to check back on Friday for Skippy’s advice!


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