Dear Robyn and Skippy;

I’m feeling very frustrated. As you know, the Sustainable Living Fair was cancelled. I finally received the FIRST email from them today [Saturday] at noon telling me the fair is cancelled (we were supposed to set up on Friday). I understand the loss of this event is devastating for their organization. I GET that. I understand people are devastated from personal loss due to the flood.

However, I’m a teeny little organization who paid $440 for a booth and another $250 in supplies and marketing materials specifically for the fair (not to mention the legwork of borrowing a tent and prepping for rain). So, I’m out $710 which represents 1.5 months of net profit for my company (about 10% for the year). By my math they’ve taken in ~$125,000 in booth rentals alone yet are pressing people to donate the remaining $15,000 they would have gotten in ticket sales.

The organization has already said that their insurance doesn’t cover a cancelled event. I went back and checked if I signed any kind of contract when I paid looking for a cancellation policy and couldn’t find anything other than a basic receipt. My business insurance deductible is higher than my loss so that’s not a viable option.

I’m disappointed in their lack of communication with Exibitors since our 250 business have already paid over $100,000 that we may never see again yet any communication from the Fair is a plea for money via a benefit concert or direct donations to their organization.

I posted a question on their Facebook page about possible refunds and haven’t heard anything. Should I press further or should I just let this go?


Up a Creek Without a Booth

Update to the question.

After sending the question UACWAB found a clause in a contract that says:

12. ACTS OF GOD, FIRES, STRIKES, ETC. In the event that any outside cause, such as war, fire, strike or other emergency, prevents the Sustainable Living Fair from being held, the Fair Management may retain Exhibitor’s payments for expense compensation.


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