Question of the Week: RSVP PTSD IDK GTG?

Dear Robyn and Skippy, I have RSVP PTSD. As an introvert I feel conflicted over every invite, often wanting to go and not wanting to go at the same time. It’s not that I don’t like parties- I need me time thrive. When I RSVP “yes” I never know if I’ll be having one of those days that I really need alone time on the day of the event and feel guilty about changing my RSVP at the last minute, … Continue reading →

He Says: Get Over It

You need to get some perspective on this whole situation. Let’s start with her. One of two things happened here. Worst case: She’s a total psycho who attracts drama and loves living in emotional turbulence because of the thrill ride she gets from it. So she was in an abusive real-hate-shun-ship. Guess what. She selected that person. It’s not like that abusive person was forced upon her. This tells you what you need to know about her choices in other … Continue reading →

Question Of The Week: Indecision May or May Not Be My Problem?

Dear Robyn and Skippy; I am in the process of starting my career. I am having some trouble with the career getting going, but that is something I expected. My issue is this. Recentish (about mid March or so) I got dumped by a girl who I am rather fond of. This is the part where things get complicated. It was a short relationship (about two and half months). But the whole time was probably some of the most amazing … Continue reading →

He Says: Time To Choose Your Destination

Dear At A Crossroads; Better to be at a crossroad than a dead end. That’s the good news. The bad news is that either your GPS is faulty or you’ve entered the wrong destination. Down one of those roads is casual sex and shallow relationships. Down the other road is the potential of marriage and commitment. This is indeed your crossroads.  And it sounds like you’re trying to get to Denver from Fort Collins by driving north. You said the … Continue reading →

Question Of The Week: Will Too Much Sex Make Me Blind?

Dear Robyn and Skippy; Here is what my love life currently looks like: Awkward small talk, lust, sex, sex, sex, small talk, some more sex. Dry spell. Repeat. This is how I one day envision my love life: Commitment, trust, honesty, LOOOOOOOVE, sex (lots of sex), marriage, maybe babies. You’ll notice distinct differences, and some areas that are not so different. Here is the thing, I don’t think what I am doing is wrong. I don’t feel the guilt, shame, … Continue reading →

Welcome to Ask Us Fort Collins

Your one stop for all the guidance and wisdom you’ll need to navigate your life. Fine, maybe not all of the wisdom but a good chunk of it. Of course you wouldn’t need our advice had you listened to your parents but you didn’t did you? Now look where it’s gotten you. Reading an advice blog. But it’s all good. We don’t player hate at Ask Us Fort Collins. We simply do what we can to make your life better. … Continue reading →