Dear Robyn and Skippy,

I am beyond ready to break up with my girlfriend. We live together and have two dogs together and I have known for a while now that I am done with our relationship.

Here is a little back story: We met three years ago and had a great beginning. She wound up moving in with me only four months after we met. Things were going well until I noticed that she had a drinking problem. Then things started to get rocky. We were constantly fighting and I told her she needed to move out and go find help. She wound up running to the arms of her ex boyfriend , who was also an alcoholic. He beat her up and I ran to her aid. She was in the hospital for three weeks. She was hurt so badly she had to learn how to talk again. Her family wouldn’t take her in so I helped rehabilitate her. This was over a year ago.

She still lives with me and things were going fine for a while. She got back on her feet and we felt like a normal couple again. The thing is, I now realize she has been using me. She spends my money like it grows on trees and has no respect for me and my things. She wont go back to work. Four months ago, she let my dog run out of the house without a leash and my dog was hit by a truck and killed. I was devastated and she gave me hardly any sympathy. I do a lot of repair work for her family for free, I am in construction, and they never thank me. The final straw? This Christmas neither she, nor her family gave me so much as a nod in my direction. There is never any validation, thanks or kindness.

A week ago, I asked her to leave. She refused.  I stayed calm and she screamed at me the whole time claiming she had no where to go, which is not true. He family would be fine with her moving home. I can’t get her out of my house. What the hell do I do?


Broke, Exhausted and Over It

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