Dear Robyn and Skippy,

I have started seeing this amazing guy! He is rich, drives a nice car, buys me stuff, he is sexy as hell, AND owns his own house.  The problem is, he is into kinky sex. I mean, we are talking whips, chains, handcuffs, toys… you name it! He has his own room dedicated to sex and, here’s the kicker, I am still a virgin and he doesn’t know that. I think I could get into all the kinky stuff, but I am not sure. How do I get into all the kinky stuff? How do I tell him I’m a virgin? I want to keep seeing him and that will mean having sex soon. I feel like he is already growing impatient. I need to figure this out fast!


Not Krazy About Kinky

Do you have any advice for Not Krazy About Kinky? Tune in Wednesday to see what Skippy has to say and Friday for Robyn’s advice.

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