Happy Friday Fort Collins!

Robyn here. Skippy and I decided to brighten your Friday with some shameful boasting of why our town is one of the best places to live in the country. Yes! It’s true! It has been named one of the top cities to inhabit by several national publications! I mean, come on, Fort Collins really is great and here’s why…

1. Beer, Beer and More Beer

Robyn: That’s right, we are the Napa Valley of beer! And yes, we do have the Budweiser plant BUT nothing beats our craft brews! I did not like beer before someone introduced me to the wonders of craft beer. Tantalizing to the taste buds, beer connoisseurs unite!

Skippy:  You can’t argue with beer.  You can argue while drinking beer.  You will most likely lose that argument however.  Unless the other person has been drinking even more beer than you.  The great thing about all the breweries is that most everyone can find a brewery they like.  The bad thing about all the breweries is that most everyone can find vomit on the sidewalk on Sunday morning.

2. Trails, Hiking and Outdoorsy Shit

Skippy:  I love me some outdoors.  Naturally I therefore spend too much time indoors working.  When I can get my ass on the trails biking or running I’m all over that.  The great thing about Fort Collins is you don’t have to go far to get knee deep in outdoorsy shit.  It’s right there outside your door.  If you do wanna travel a bit there is more and more and more outdoorsy shit right around the corner.  And if you wanna go trail running with me – and you’re a cute girl – I’m down for that as well.  Apply here.

Robyn: I have to admit that I am not that outdoorsy, but I have done the Poudre trail on my bike (followed by a well earned margarita at the Rio) and I must say the beauty of our trails is unparalleled. One day I will hike Horsetooth and see what all the fuss is about. For more on trails, check out Fresh Air Fort Collins.

3. Restaurants! Restaurants! Restaurants!

Robyn: I mean, come on, one of the hardest decisions here is deciding where to go out to eat! I always reference Feasting Fort Collins when I am really indecisive. We have good restaurants for any type of food you could ever want! And an abundance to choose from that aren’t just another chain. My favorites include: Crown Pub, Matador, Cafe Mexicali, Saigon Grill, and a whole hell of a lot more!

Skippy:  Here is where Robyn and I switch places.  I don’t eat out much.  Plus I have a few restaurants I go to and that’s it.  I know what I like and I like what I know.  The best place in Fort Collins to eat is my house.  ‘Cause I know best how to cook for me.  The second best place to eat is . . .   You know how this story ends.

4. Theatre, Museums and Art OH MY!

Skippy:  Fort Collins has a fair amount of culture and entertainment for a city of this size.  Not up to the standards of my old stomping grounds of Houston of course.  Still the Fort holds it’s own.  We have many great bands and live music performances as well.  Now if only the venues would let the bands perform during grown-up hours.  Us old folks go to bed at 10pm.  So get off my lawn!

Robyn: With First Friday art walk, several theatre companies (one of which I work for) and our local museums we are one cultured community! I just saw a fantastic play at Bas Bleu last weekend. I love that we have so many options to expand our minds in the arts.

5. We Get Educated!

Robyn: I mean, obviously we are a College town. Not only do we have CSU, but also Front Range Community College and several classes offered through the city. It is easy to get a good education here, further your knowledge, expand your mind or just try something new!

Skippy:  And by educated I mean college parties.  I live right in the middle of Sophomore Row.  Looking out the window at 40 college girls in bikinis can be distracting but I put up with it.  So long as they stay off my lawn.  And if they ever wanna “try something new” I’ll be here for them.

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