She Says: Your Mom Moocher Must Go

Dear She’s My Mom Not Yours, I am afraid to say it, but we are living in an age where moving in with relatives is the new norm.  Moving back home is the fall back plan. Life in these United States is not what it once was and the almighty dollar doesn’t go very far. Have you been abroad lately? I was in England, and the dollar bill might as well have been a piece of notebook paper with a … Continue reading →

She Says: Take Off The Honeymoon Goggles

Dear Long Ago and Far Away, Its been 5 years since you have seen this guy and you were only with him a few short months? I don’t know how much the two of you have been in contact or what your life situation may be on both ends. There are many factors to consider before you take the step to committing to a long distance relationship. You need to step back and evaluate where you are in life, where … Continue reading →

Question of the Week: Is Love Conditional?

Dear Robyn and Skippy, My boyfriend of two years and I broke up a couple of months ago under some pretty dramatic circumstances. We are talking again and are trying to figure out a way to get back together. The problem is, he doesn’t trust me and has put a laundry list of conditions on us getting back together. Some of the conditions he insists I do, I don’t agree with. I love him, I know he loves me and … Continue reading →

Question Of The Week: Indecision May or May Not Be My Problem?

Dear Robyn and Skippy; I am in the process of starting my career. I am having some trouble with the career getting going, but that is something I expected. My issue is this. Recentish (about mid March or so) I got dumped by a girl who I am rather fond of. This is the part where things get complicated. It was a short relationship (about two and half months). But the whole time was probably some of the most amazing … Continue reading →

He Says: Forget The Past. Forge The Future.

Dear Reconsidering Reunions; You know why high school wasn’t a highlight of your life? Because you aren’t a loser. High school is a period of time in which you spend four years (five years for people who eventually go into politics or law school) surrounded by high school students. Think about it. Would you choose to spend seven hours a day surrounded by high school students? For four years? For one year? For one day? I wouldn’t. Nor would any … Continue reading →

Question of the Week: I’m Over Christmas

Dear Robyn and Skippy, I am one of those people who really dislikes the holiday season. I mean, I HATE IT. I don’t want to celebrate this year and my family is acting all butt-hurt because I have decided to not participate. They are making my life a living hell with guilt. I feel like it is almost worth participating this year to get them off my back, but what happens next year when I decide not to celebrate Christmas? … Continue reading →

Question of the Week: Standing Up to The Ex

Dear Robyn and Skippy; My ex is going through some really hard times right now ranging between switching jobs, taking care of his 12 year old sister, helping his dad pay bills, and dealing with his parents divorce. We broke up so he could have time to adjust and because he felt he couldn’t be there for me as much as he feels I deserved it. For a while I was sympathetic towards his plight and we remained friendly, still … Continue reading →

She Says: Reunions are Redundant

Dear Reconsidering Reunions, Fuck reunions. Especially high school reunions. I mean, how pathetic can we get here? High school was a miserable part of my life, and I say good riddance. Anyone who looks back on high school as the best years of their life, and wants to go back and relive those years, is in a perpetual state of arrested development. Ah yes, arrested development. I know far too many people in this state, and it is truly a … Continue reading →

Question of the Week: Should I go To My 10 Year Reunion?

Dear Robyn and Skippy, My ten year high school reunion is coming up and I am debating on whether or not I should go. High school wasn’t a highlight of my life, College is where I really found my identity and hit my stride. Still, some friends from high school want me to go. I found out that it is really expensive to attend the reunion and rather inconvenient for my schedule. I would like to go and show off … Continue reading →