Dear Robyn and Skippy;

My ex is going through some really hard times right now ranging between switching jobs, taking care of his 12 year old sister, helping his dad pay bills, and dealing with his parents divorce. We broke up so he could have time to adjust and because he felt he couldn’t be there for me as much as he feels I deserved it.

For a while I was sympathetic towards his plight and we remained friendly, still talking everyday. As time went on (about 2 months) he started treating me as less of a priority, getting angry about everything, guilt tripping me constantly if I said anything he didn’t want to hear, and overall being very immature about certain things.

I was hanging on to the hope that we would get back together shortly after he dealt with some issues, however he seems to be steadily declining.

I decided that I was tired of him mistreating me, and told him very calmly that I just needed some time to myself so that I could go back to the exuberant successful person I was before we started dating and I hoped that he would in turn realize over our break that he did need me and that he had made mistakes.

He thinks I am the bad guy in this and wants me to apologize. I feel that I am correct in standing up for myself and want to stay firm in my decision to go without contact for 30 days. However I wonder if there is a way to make him see his mistakes during this time and get the apology that I have been wanting and waiting for?


Twitterpated Yet Disappointed

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