‘Tis the season for pumpkin flavored everything!

Ah, Halloween; probably the most controversial holiday our country has to offer. Opinions fly about this holiday from the skeptics and haters alike. From people getting uptight about the implications of begging for candy, to the concept of devil worship on this day. But really, it is just a fun day to play dress up, and an excuse to eat some sweets. Lets take Halloween at face value and not over think it, over do it, or over analyze it.

Robyn’s Do’s and Don’ts for Halloween.

Do: Take your kids trick or treating in a safe neighborhood. Use flashlights and hang glowsticks around your kids’ necks.

Don’t: Go trick or treating if you are over the age of twelve. (I am looking at you, college students).

Do: Hand out good candy to the trick or treaters. I’m talking quality candy that the kids will enjoy, like Snickers or Reese’s. There was nothing worse than getting a Mounds bar when I was a kid. I love them now, but back then I thought they were disgusting. Also, it might be a good idea to get a treat of the gluten-free variety, just in case.

Don’t: Hand out pamphlets that may contain the following subjects: Devil Worship, Obesity, Paganism or Jesus Christ. Really, you are just going to ruin the whole holiday for everyone. These are just kids! And it makes you look like a giant asshole. (I actually know someone who dated someone who did this..)

Do: Dress in a costume that is both flattering and appropriate.

Don’t: Dress like too much of a slut or like anything distasteful. I once saw a guy dressed like a piece of poop. Disgusting.

Do: Go on a guided ghost tour. There are even some you can attend here in Fort Collins. The most famous local one would probably be up in Estes Park at the Stanley, haunting ground of Mr. F.O. Stanley and his wife. Also, The Stanley was Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining. (http://www.stanleyhotel.com/tours/night-ghost-tours)

Don’t: Go searching for ghosts on your own. I am a strong believer that there are spirits among us, because I have experienced things I cannot explain. You won’t find me in a graveyard trying to conjure ghosts. Don’t you be a dumbass and try to mess with something that you, or anyone else for that matter, don’t understand.

Do: Have a super-awesome Halloween party, put together with care and worthy of Pintrest. Light candles, make some tasty treats and themed beverages and allow people to put their own creativity toward their costumes.

Don’t: Have a “Costume Nazi” Halloween party. You know what I’m talking about; where there is a theme you have to adhere to and no one can dress the same and everyone’s costume has to be pre-approved. Hey guys, relax! It’s just Halloween, not the second coming of Christ.

Speaking of costumes, I have a super awesome friend whom I worked with in a costume shop. She has some amazing tips on putting together a costume in the eleventh hour. Check out what the lovely Chantel has to say:


1. KEEP IT SIMPLE – If you have two days to create a costume, DO NOT pick a costume with lots of pieces or complex details. If it is a character or creature that wears normal clothes that you can get out of your closet, at a thrift store, or at a normal clothing store, that is the best!

2. MAKE-UP CAN TIE A COSTUME TOGETHER – There are many costumes that really just need a little make-up to define exactly what you are. For the animal lovers: If you are worried about looking like a girl in black clothes with cat ears on, add some whiskers, a nose, and some color around your eyes! For guys: Dress clothes and a top hat is not a costume, until you add skeleton face paint and suddenly you are the dead butler, or wear ragged clothes instead and be a Voodoo Priest! For the gore lovers: Zombies are also a very easy one, just add wounds, blood, pale skin and some torn clothes and BAM! You are a zombie!

3. BE CLEVER – Inspiration is all around you. Great sources include: PUNS, CHILDHOOD CARTOONS, and the ever-so-popular PINTEREST!

4. REMEMBER: YOU CAN BE ANYTHING – When I say anything, I mean anything. You can be a luffa (with some tulle and a rope), a super hero in disguise (with a super hero t-shirt and regular clothes over it), or be an animal and buy a hat with ears! The sky is the limit. Do not make it harder by defining what you “CAN’T” be.

5. HAVE FUN – The best costumes are the ones you can move in and are confident in!

And on that note, I give you the most important Halloween advice I can think of: IF you go out in Old Town, ladies watch your drink and fellas don’t be a douchebag. A sexy Halloween costume is not an open invitation to a grope fest or a roofie-colada or sex. Keep it classy.

Happy Halloween!

 Do you have any Halloween advice? Comment below and check back on Friday for Skippy’s post about Halloween!

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