She Says: Time For Some Self Preservation

Dear At the End Of My Last Nerve, This is not an easy situation; it is not one where I would suggest you find new friends. Quite the opposite, in fact. Keep these friends, but weed out the ones that completely shut down on you. I think your friends have never seen this side of you before and they are scared, or shocked or are so insecure they can only focus on their own problems (have you told them to … Continue reading →

She Says: Don’t Burn Any Bridges

Dear There Must Be 50 Ways to Give My Notice, First of all, did I read this correctly? Your friends are tired of listening to you complain about your work drama? What? I hope they helped in encouraging you to leave your job rather than just telling you to stop talking about it with them. Or, did you drop the subject with them and just do something about it? Friends are some of the best forms of therapy and I … Continue reading →

Unsolicited Advice: She Says Make Parenting a Priority

Dear Bad Parent(s), I have a question for you: When did you decide that parenting wasn’t high on your priority list?  I have another question: Where did you EVER get the notion that it was a good idea to leave two little girls to their own devices in a BAR? And yet another: At what point did you make the decision that getting drunk was OK in this situation? You obviously forgot your responsibilities for the day. How embarrassing. You … Continue reading →

Unsolicited Advice: Parenting. You’re Doing It Wrong.

A true story; as retold by Robyn and Skippy. One fine Sunday morning at a local restaurant and bar, Robyn and Skippy sat enjoying the brunch buffet and dollar mimosas when suddenly….. DUH DUH DUHHHH BAD PARENTING ALERT!!!! Two young girls, under the age of 5, clearly related had just entered the bar in their Sunday best.  Their mother showed them to the section that held adult bar games such as: giant Jenga, giant Ker-plunk (where you take the sticks … Continue reading →

She Says: Show Him the Way

Dear Receiving too Little, I hate to break it to you, but romance is not what it once was.  I blame video games and the porn industry.  I fully agree with you that just saying “I love you” everyday does NOT make up for a lack of courtship.  I tell my husband that just because we are married, doesn’t mean we should stop dating or take our relationship for granted.  But it sounds to me like your boyfriend takes you … Continue reading →

Question of the Week: How Do I Feed My Romantically Starved Relationship?

Dear Robyn and Skippy, I have now been in a relationship for 7 months and I still find that my partner is not very romantic. I have had several conversations with him about this, and expressing my desire for simple romance on a regular basis. I have made suggestions such as sending a cute picture that reminds him of our relationship, a quote, a song, love letters, really anything that is more than saying “I love you”. He makes sure … Continue reading →

She Says: Besties Before Testes

Dear Flirty McFlirtPants, Hoo boy.  Well, you’ve got yourself into an unintentional pickle.  Do you remember the days when all we had to worry about was heavy breathing on the other side of the land line phone?  Then star-69 came along (and caller ID, and the internet, and cell phones, and cell phones with cameras)….  Advances in technology make sex, in any form, far too easy.  Sexting is part of our world whether we like it or not.  If I … Continue reading →

Question of the Week: How Do I Tell My Bestie That Her Husband Is Sexting Me?

Dear Robyn and Skippy, Here is the thing, I’m a flirt. As in huge. Everyone I talk to, if I like them even a little bit I flirt with them, all of my friends, all of the time. This is not the problem, I’ve come to terms with this a long time ago as has my (now)Husband. It also helps that all of my friends are huge flirts as well. We flirt all the time. It’s what we do; it’s … Continue reading →

Unsolicited Advice: She Says Too Little, Too Late

Dear Sustainable Living Association, Here’s how I see it: As an association committed to a service provided for the community, you should be aware of the impact that the flood has had not only on you but on the many businesses involved to help your cause.  You are a non profit that relies partially on other businesses in order for you to move forward and continue to do your good work.  You are doing good work so don’t get me … Continue reading →

She Says: Couldn’t We All Just Get Along?

Dear Up a Creek Without a Booth, Lets define “sustainable,” just for shits and giggles. Sustainable: adjective 1. Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. 2. Able to be upheld or defended. It is not without a hint of coincidence that we will be exploring not only environmental sustainability, but also sustainability in business and income. I have to admit that I don’t know much about The Sustainable Living Association, and I am not much of an … Continue reading →