Hello to our fans and haters alike.  We love you all.

What’s coming your way this week?

The Scoop Blog Network VIP Event is happening tomorrow.  Join us at The Lodge Sasquatch for some Scoop Blog Network fun! Ticket price includes a free drink and free appetizers.  Let me tell ya, those bloggers really take a party off the hook.

You still have time this week to snag a Scoop Blog Network t-shirt.  Heck, you can even get multiple shirts if you like.  One for each blog you read.  You wants blog?  We gots blog.  Scoops of it.

Finally – ’cause good things come in threes – Robyn and Skippy gots more Wisdom coming at you this week so y’all come back ya hear.  Specifically on Wednesday and Friday.

And for my final act let me remind you that you can contact us anonymously to send in questions, comments, ideas or so forth.  You can also contact us not anonymously.  Our emails are over on the contact page.  We love to hear from you.



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