Hello to all our lovely fans. Welcome back. This week Robyn and Skippy are doing something a bit different. We think it’s good to shake things up now and then. It keeps the relationship fresh. The romance is always better if you aren’t certain of who’s coming next. I mean what’s coming next.

While we are on that topic it’s time to delve into an exploration of local culture. Fort Collins is working it’s way up to cult status on a national level. We have local movies being made like Whensday. Our musical talent is first rate and SpokesBUZZ is getting the word out all around the U.S and even in foreign countries like Boulder and California. Bike and beer culture abounds. Look what the whole Tour de Fat tradition has started.

Fort Collins also has it’s own lingo. Skippy just found out what a “fixie” is a few weeks ago. Ya simply never stop learning. And learning is a good thing right? And this is an educational blog right?


And that’s why we think it’s time to export some FoCo culture and terminology to the world of sex.

Robyn and Skippy along with some independent advisers who probably want to remain blameless – I mean nameless – have put together a list of the Top Ten Fort Collins Inspired Sexcapades.

Got your attention did we?

We’ve been researching these diligently.  It’s the sacrifice we make for our readers. In fact any cute girls who want to help Skippy with research should send him an email.  Robyn is limited to experimenting with her husband.  Poor guy.  It must be rough.

We have come up with the names. But what exactly are the details of each? We don’t know yet. Maybe you do. Leave your suggestions in the comments below or if you are shy you can always send ’em to us via anonymous email.

But enough of that. Time to give you what you came for. That’s what she said.

Here they are . . .

The Top Ten Fort Collins Inspired Sexcapades

1. Painting The A

2. The Ram Ride

3. The Dirty Poudre

4. Slow Train in Old Town

5. South of Prospect aka SoPo

6. Grey Rock Hard Trail

7. The Horsetooth

8. Old Town Fountain Facial

9. Big City Burrito

10. Max Transit Disappointment aka Three Vehicles, One Lane

There is Fort Collins. It’s time to take our place on Urban Dictionary. This is a group effort so get cracking on your homework.

And check back in on Friday when Robyn and Skippy will have another post up which you are really gonna need to read for this month of holiday fun.

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Top Ten Fort Collins Inspired Sexcapades — 2 Comments

  1. Painting the A : A man ejaculates on his partner’s stomach and proceeds to ‘finger paint’ various designs in the semen. Being true to the foothills, you must end with a big ‘A’. Allow to dry, and admire.

    • Nice one. Probably shouldn’t try to spell out too long of a word. You wouldn’t want to run out of ink.


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