What Happened To All Those Opinions?


Greetings y’all.  You might be (or might not be) wondering what the heck happened to Robyn and Skippy.  That was a sudden decline. Yea.  It was kinda. Here is some facts. Blogging is not only a stupid word it’s also hard work.  I laugh so hard I almost piss myself every time some idiots says “I’m going to quite my job and blog for money.”  No.  You are going to quit your job and live on food stamps and welfare.  … Continue reading →

He Says: Yup. Men.

She's A Princess.

Damn them all. Robyn is right that co-habitation is difficult. Sure it’s got advantages. Many of them. Showering is way more better when you have someone to “wash your back” for you. And cooking is more fun when you’ve got someone to help eat the results. On the down side there are twice as many dishes to wash. There is always that balance to the universe. I think even married people should have their own individual bedrooms. Podcaster and radio … Continue reading →

Robyn Rants: Men


Men. Can’t live with em… Can’t kill ’em… I mean… live without ’em. I think that one of natures cruelest jokes is that we are put on this Earth to not only procreate with the opposite sex, but co-habitate with them as well. I mean, how can one species be so different from one another? OK so we don’t have to co-habitate with one another. I used to think that my life would be a lot easier if I were … Continue reading →

This Week: Robyn Takes Over


Happy Monday! Robyn here.  OK, so I won’t take over completely, Skippy still gets to put in his two cents on Friday.  This week I am going to bring you a rant about men.  That’s right, Skip bitches about women as often as he can and, now, it is my turn to bitch about men.  Ladies, you wont want to miss it, and fellas, you might learn something. It will be coming at ya on Wednesday! Stay tuned!     … Continue reading →

Robyn and Skippy Say: Why Fort Collins is Great


Happy Friday Fort Collins! Robyn here. Skippy and I decided to brighten your Friday with some shameful boasting of why our town is one of the best places to live in the country. Yes! It’s true! It has been named one of the top cities to inhabit by several national publications! I mean, come on, Fort Collins really is great and here’s why… 1. Beer, Beer and More Beer Robyn: That’s right, we are the Napa Valley of beer! And … Continue reading →

Lessons Learned The Hard Way: Take Care Of Your Equipment

there is your problem in fort collins

Heeheehee. I said “equipment”. I am Cornholio.  I must have TP for my bunghole! I just finished watching Beavis and Butt-head Do America. Therefore my mind currently resides in a dark place. If you want to score you have to take care of your equipment. When scoring time comes (I said “comes”) you can only score if your equipment is in top notch condition. Let’s start this story back in the olden days when everybody had to walk uphill to … Continue reading →

Easter Is In The Rearview Mirror.

Here we are on the rebound from a delicious Easter weekend of great weather.  I hope you got some of it and didn’t have to stay indoors all weekend.  Like I did.  Grrr…. Anyhows, on Wednesday I’ll be slinging some Lessons Learned The Hard Way at you.  Yet again another chance for you to learn from the mistakes of others.  Don’t never say no one told you. On Friday Robyn and I will be offering up our 75 cents on … Continue reading →

She Says: Find your Kink

christian grey

Dear Not Krazy About Kinky, Woman to woman I need to level with you. You. Have. To. Tell. Him. You are still a virgin and you expect to go in without mentioning this to someone who practically has a doctorate in sex? You are out of your mind if you think that it will be a good experience for you if you just go along “ho hum-ing” thing whole thing. I made that same mistake. Not that the guy I … Continue reading →

He Says: Everyone’s A Little Bit Krazy

Dear Not Krazy About Kinky; You need to chose now. Do you want to spend the rest of your life living a shallow comfortable life? Do you want you social life to revolve around posting selfies of yourself in front of disaster areas where people were injured and possibly killed? Do you want to never work again because you are getting 50% of your ex-husbands income? Or do you want to die alone with 37 cats? You have a great … Continue reading →

Question Of The Week: Should I get Kinky?


Dear Robyn and Skippy, I have started seeing this amazing guy! He is rich, drives a nice car, buys me stuff, he is sexy as hell, AND owns his own house.  The problem is, he is into kinky sex. I mean, we are talking whips, chains, handcuffs, toys… you name it! He has his own room dedicated to sex and, here’s the kicker, I am still a virgin and he doesn’t know that. I think I could get into all … Continue reading →